Is BPH Interfering In Your Love Life?

Generally, aged men tend to have larger prostates than younger men due to the prostate continues to grow with the increasing age. Enlargement of the prostate or BPH is not the result of cancer is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. This condition is effectively treated by Qual tablets.

This condition can induce problems with urination, and some treatments can result in sexual problems. An enlarged prostate affects the ability to urinate. This includes a frequent need to urinate, a feeling of not emptying the bladder, intense urges to urinate, a weak urine stream, and problems starting or stopping urination.

BPH also interferes with the love life of a person. The extent of any sexual problem changes according to the condition of the prostate. There are sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual satisfaction, problems maintaining an erection, and decreased libido.

BPH and ED are two different conditions that are connected. Erectile dysfunction usually means that a man is not able to achieve or maintain an erection. Although this condition may be caused by a variety of health problems, like heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone levels, or psychological issues, it can also be made worse by this condition. This condition shall be treated with effective medicine Qual.

There are some medications intended to treat ED can help improve symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. But it is advisable not to consume ED medicines to control the symptoms of BPH. This gland helps to produce semen.

Due to a problem in urination and unable to empty the bladder completely, it may interfere in the love life. While lovemaking men may not be comfortable or might feel to urinate immediately. This might affect your partner’s expectations. She might feel like disappointment in the bedroom. This can create trust issues in a relationship. This condition shall not be hidden from the partner. If they are all aware of the condition, they may cooperate with you to relive these symptoms and to complete the lovemaking to the point. Qual is an effective medication that is to be used to help with symptoms of this condition.

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